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Version: 0.7.1

This is a basic KCachegrind Windows port. We compiled the QCachegrind against QT4 / MinGw, then bundled in Graphviz tools and made a handy .bat file for you to run the application.


The KCachegrind Windows port runs excellently just like on Linux, and is an invaluable tool if this is your favorite development environment. This app does not need to be installed (or have an installer, for that matter), and no dependencies are required. Just drop it in your toolshed and start using it.


KCachegrind is KDE's profiling data visualisation tool. Although traditionally used in profiling Linux's KDE, the greatly ergonomic graphic visualisation interface makes it invaluable for any profiling purpose.


We built this especially to be used with the web3tracer PHP profiler. Windows availability provides new means of analyzing PHP performance for those who run on Windows based production stacks.


The software contains the components Qt SDK, GraphViz, MinGw.

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