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Along the Web3 CMS development, we made a series of jQuery plugins. We publish them under LGPL license, for public use; these plugins are not standalone project and have no individual management. The versioning thus consists of the Web3 build number. We provide no development, support or maintenance for these scripts, except four our own needs.



Version: 326

Size: 1,462

Tested  w/ jQuery: 1.6.2

The plugin is used by the other web3 plugins; it returns data regarding an element's position, to use for relative elements positioning, floating elements, etc. It produces more complete and cross-browser information than the internal jQuery functions. Its small size and great utility make this a must-have tool to create floating interface designs.


Version: 343

Size: 5,284

Tested w/ jQuery: 1.6.2

This is a multipurpose overlay plugin to create floating interface elements like popups, tooltips, floating toolbars. It is used for all floating elements in web3. It can display dynamic autosized iframe content, inline content and progress indicators. It also supports jQuery animations for show/hide.





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