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Personal data processing and cookie policy


The website does not collect user personal identification data, except if expressly laid out below. For any personal data collected incidentally or accidentally (for examples, emails sent to us by you, the user), the user has the rights to information, to correct, to be forgotten, to oppose usage, protection from individual decisions, as they are guaranteed in the laws in effect in Romania. For your requests to exercise of any of the above rights, we take a reasonable term to process and resolve, considering the nature of each request. 


Newsletter email addresses


The site collects user e-mail addresses that they provide in a request to subscribe to our newsletter. These addresses are collected and stored for the purpose of sending users emails containing information about our website and services, selected offers and other commercial information. The users' emails will not be shared with third parties except for the purpose of sending these emails. Each e-mail sent to the user will provide a link for unsubscription from the newsletter. In case this option is not present or not working, any such requests will be manually processed by an operator. The user consent to receive the newsletter emails is expressed by filling in the subscription forms, which unequivocally identify the purpose of requesting the user's e-mail address. This consent is then presumed valid until such request from the user to be unsubscribed is processed automatically or manually as laid out above.


Cookie use


The website uses cookies either because they are necessary to provide certain functionalities to its users or to statistically analyze the usage bahavior and statistics of our website. A "cookie" is a piece of data that we store on your device (browser) and that gets resent to us only upon your subsequent browsing of out website. They do not contain personal identification data, but before the nature of the unique IDs they can in certain circumstances be correlated with your site usage history. 


Your consent is required for the use of ALL of the below mentioned cookies and by clicking "I agree" you consent to ALL the cookie content mentioned. Please note the list of cookies can change at any time. We will only notify this by requesting again your consent if the cookie content significantly changes in regard to the purpose or nature of stored data. Your consent to the general types and usage of cookies laid out in this document will be presumed valid if there is no significant change in the purpose or usage of the cookies and there are no significant changes in the nature of the stored data that could affect your privacy.


If at any time you don't consent anymore to our usage of the mentioned cookies, you can clear them from your browser using the instructions listed at, which are specific to every browser you may use to browse our website. Your web browser will also automatically delete/invalidate cookies if they expire the interval for which they were created and that is listed below.


Please find below the description of our usage of cookies.


Functional cookies


The following cookies are necessary to the good functioning of the website:

    Keeps an unique ID for the duration of the current session that is used to retrieve the data and preferences you supplid during your navigation of the website..
    Expires: at the end of the browsing session
    Keeps non-unique numeric IDs auxiliary to the session ID, which serve to delete session data that is no longer needed.
    Expires: at the end of the browsing session
  • lang​​​​​​
    Keeps tha language you selected for browsing the website
    Expires: after 1 month
  • acceptCookies
    Keeps a flag regarding your expressed consent to the present policy.
    Expires: after 3 months


3rd Party Funcitional Cookies


Our website provides you with functionalities provided by 3rd parties, which have their own policies for cookie and data handling:

  • AddThis
    The AddThis service is used to offer you the convenience of quickly sharing any of the site's pages on a wide choice of platforms. To review their privacy and cookie policy, please visit this link:
  • Disqus
    To provide you with the opportunity to leave your feedback and participate in discussion threads over the various topics in the website, we use the Disqus platform. To review their privacy and cookie policy, please visit this link:


Analysis cookies


We use the following cookies to gather aggregate usage and performance data for the website:

  • _ga
    Unique ID for Google Analytics, used to generate aggregated statistics about the way a visitor uses our website.
    Expires: after 2 years
  • _gid
    Unique ID for Google Analytics, used to generate aggregated statistics about the way a visitor uses our website.
    Expires: after 1 day

For more details regarding these cookies, please visit:



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